A group of young people were stranded in a village during a bitter Himalayan blizzard. Most were sick
and shivering, trying to stay warm.They gave their host, a local man, an SD card. Hours later, they overheard him listening to his new audio Bible on his cell phone. He continued all night long, because he couldn’t bring himself to turn it off. (The photo above is from this village.)

Another team trudged through the winter weather carrying loads of Bibles to a different Himalayan
village. When they arrived, they set up a solar­powered projector and showed the Jesus Film. An audience of about 200 formed to watch this film in their own language. The team spent time getting to know the villagers and sharing stories about Jesus. The next day, they went throughout the village to present Bibles, both written and audio, to the people they had met the previous night.

As they wove their way through the village, they met a woman who appeared to be having an asthma attack. The young missionaries wanted to pray for her. The translator took a moment to share her own story of how she had once been a follower of another religion but had met Jesus. Even as the woman fought to breathe, she barraged them with questions, which the translator answered. Then she began to cry. “How can I have a relationship with Jesus?” In response, the team prayed with her to receive Jesus into her life. As soon as they finished, the woman gasped and filled her lungs. She could suddenly breathe freely and the asthma was totally gone! The woman’s entire countenance changed as she was filled with joy and peace. The team gave her a Bible and told about how she could get to know Jesus through his Word.