In Fiji, a team visited a house in an Indian community where a woman invited them in for tea. After getting to know her a little, they explained that they had traveled all the way to her country to bring good news. The woman received a microSD card, for her cellphone, that was loaded with an Audio Bible and the Jesus film in Hindi, her mother tongue. The team returned four days later and the woman began to tell how she had watched the Jesus Film on her cell phone and how it had touched her and she had cried when Jesus was crucified. The team explained the Gospel and the lady decided to follow Jesus.
A few days later, the team came back and this time the family gathered to meet them. There was a prayer time for the family. Many of them had an encounter with Jesus, including the woman, who had a vision. She saw Jesus walk up to her, point to her heart, and ask, “Can I share that with you?” The team leader was excited about how the audio Bible and Jesus Film helped open doors for them to share the Gospel and see people encounter Jesus.